Laura's passion for makeup and hair began right after finishing high school and enrolling in a creative course at Pretoria Tech, Entertainment Technology. Initially drawn to costumes and makeup, Laura gained valuable experience in the studios of Egoli, specialising in costumes standby and makeup standby before transitioning into the makeup room itself, starting to work on hair & makeup. A successful career path was established.


After moving to Cape Town, Laura quickly immersed herself in testing with local and international photographers, learning more about the industry and working on magazine stills, advertising, and TV commercials for both local and international brands. Her confidence grew, and she felt inspired to take her craft to new places, including London, Germany, and India, where she worked on movies, music videos, and popular magazines. Despite her travels, Laura always returned to Cape Town for the season.


Following a brief yet enriching sabbatical, Laura finds herself drawn back into the industry, fueled by a relentless dedication to crafting beautiful images and moving pictures that resonate with audiences worldwide. Laura's friendly and positive attitude, coupled with her talent and profound skill set in hair and makeup, has established her as a well-rounded talent, favored by many clients, photographers, and directors alike.

Question to Laura :  What’s your go-to productivity trick?

Answer : Coffee and shimmer/glitter