Sian Bianca Moss is a dynamic and talented hair and makeup artist with a lifelong passion for the world of beauty and fashion. From a young age, Sian was captivated by fashion magazines, fueling her dream to contribute to the creation of stunning editorials and advertisements. Her journey began with the completion of a BA in Fashion Degree at LISOF (now Stadio School of Fashion), where her dedication and talent earned her a bursary for the LISOF+MAC makeup course.


Her background in fashion provides her with a unique perspective, allowing her to curate makeup and hairstyles that seamlessly integrate with the overall aesthetic of a shoot. Sian is not just a makeup artist; she is a hardworking and passionate perfectionist who approaches her craft with dedication and a sense of fun.


Sian thrives in the creative process and cherishes the opportunity to collaborate with other artistic minds. Her pride in her work stems from the joy she brings to her clients, making them feel and look beautiful. Sian's career has taken her to remarkable locations worldwide, including Los Angeles, the Maldives, and Namibia, enriching both her professional experiences and her soul.


Privileged with a job that combines her love for creativity and beauty, Sian Bianca Moss continues to make waves in the beauty and fashion industry, leaving a trail of satisfied clients and breathtaking work wherever she goes.