Nadia is a true creative and detail-orientated stylist  who has always loved fashion. Growing up in a small town in South Africa, she started her journey studying Fashion Design, after achieving her degree Nadia gained experience working overseas for a couple of years and eventually returned and settled in Cape Town where she started her career in the magazine industry. Nadia worked among the top in the South African fashion industry and got exposed to the fast driven pace and thrill of deadlines. This has helped her over the years working as a freelance  fashion and props stylist  where she is  successfully suppling her creative services to top brands, e-commerce, advertising and fashion retail clients in the photographic and tv commercial industry. 

Nadia is always learning and growing, embracing every project she works on. She has great teamwork abilities and you can always find her with a smile on her face.

Question to Nadia :What's your favourite story to tell about your past? 

Answer : My first time I travelled abroad, I visited Goa, India with my now husband. It was an adventure with amazing places to see, exquisite cuisine, and a colourful culture that sparked my love for travel. It was over the festive season and we lived in a hut on the beach. Every day was filled with sipping on cocktails, dancing under the stars and feasting on local seafood with tourists from around the world. An experience I’ll never forget.